A land reclamation project

Dochenaroun is a land reclamation project, based on ancestral farming rights. Years into the Islamic Republic of Iran, old land reform legislature from the 1963 white revolution was used to create private land titles for plots that had been farmed by previous generations.

Through corrupt relationships in the upper hierarchy of the Iranian Government, illegal reservoirs have been built, destroying natural public water sources. Our litigative efforts have brought two of these illegal reservoir constructions to an end. (previous page, red areas 1 and 2)

Among my responsibilities in this experiment in ecological and sustainable growth is the integration and expansion of beekeeping. I am collaborating with Afghan refugees who are in Iran to escape their limited options in Afghanistan. I educate them on beekeeping practices while they help me grow apiaries. A makeshift workshop has been restored and is powered by solar energy. All hives are built from wood that is directly from the farm thus breeding carpenters as well as beekeepers in a carbon free project.

  • Project: Alborz mountains, North-Western Tehran, Iran (1910 – present)
  • Concept : Haaj Agha Saffari, Mahmoud Saffari, Nina & Sia Akhavan
  • Production: Siamak. H Akhavan, Alireza Akhavan
  • Research: Amir. H Akhavan, Siamak. H Akhavan, Saman Niknejad
  • Documentation: Kaveh Seyedahmadian / Ministry of Agriculture
  • Special Thanks: Kheyrollah Yamagh, Sa’dollah Ghaderi, Ghadir, Nasrollah, Karam & Eslam Yaghobi.