The octagonal roundabout

Inspired by the shape of part of the Iranian water pipe.   Meydoun e Hashti bares its concept from Iranian and Islamic architecture.  Hashti is an octagonal entrance corridor used as a means to direct the passage of persons entering a large enclosed space, or align a space in a mosque properly with Mecca.  In this re-adaptation of the concept, one facet of the octagon has been removed, allowing the participant to enter in, and move through the space.

Wrapping around it’s self, contained not directing, moving inward not through; the sculpture contradicts the purpose of its environment, a roundabout.  Surrounding chaos gradually mute as one walk’s through the thin slanted entrance corridor.  Emphasizing the transition from an urban bustle into a vast, open, quiet space, that leads one to see the sky through the universally familiar shape of a keyhole.

  • Proposal for Tehran Sculpture Symposium, Tehran, Iran (2017)
  • Concept, production and research : Amir. H Akhavan,
  • Material: Steel sheet, 1/4 inch