Osian’s tower

The vertical farm project was in collaboration with Welsh permaculturist Osian Thierry to maximize space in a greenhouse while minimizing water use. My responsibilities in this collaborative effort where to find the most simple way to make a vertical planting column and how best to deliver water to the system. An effective shape for an opening in the planting column is an Isosceles Trapezoid.

While the opening is a trapezoid, the incision is three lines inside each trapezoid, leaving material to be folded inwards or outwards depending on the necessary function. Zero material is wasted. When the sheet is turned into a cylinder, each trapezoid will create a space for planting and prevent compost from the higher rows from falling. Each module fits comfortably together, irrespective of top and bottom. The sculptural outcome of the planting column is an example of an artistic collaboration in a practical project.

Irrigation system

Iranian clay vessels, often kept in Iranian homes as sculptural objects, were once used to irrigate saplings in arid climates. Porous, unglazed clay retains water, then releases it slowly and steadily as a plant takes up moisture from the surrounding soil (top right). In collaboration with athletic clothing companies long founded in sustainable practices, I plan to experiment with moisture wicking fabrics to replace the heavy ceramic; making these columns lighter and more portable.

  • Project: Dochenaran Greenhouse
  • Concept: Alireza Akhavan, Osian Thierry, Amir H Akhavan   
  • Production: Alireza Akhavan, Amir H. Akhavan
  • Materials: .5 galvanized steel sheet